Something on the Brain

21 March 2014

My students are awesome (no I’m not taking the credit). One of them has set up an epilepsy awareness charity called Something on the Brain. I’m very happy to link to it here so that a) you can learn more about epilepsy, especially if you or anyone you know is affected and b) the website […]

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Gove Out!

11 March 2014

*If you’re only interested in GMAT tuition, please scroll down to the next post. I wouldn’t normally put a non-GMAT post here but this one is too important* You may have run into me in town in which case I probably gave you my card. Or you may simply have found my site through your […]

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Upcoming webinars

28 February 2014

I’ll be doing two more webinars this spring through Hult International Business School: Data Sufficiency on Wednesday 12 March from 12.30-1.30 Verbal on Wednesday 26 March from 12.30-1.30

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Drinks in Soho with BusinessBecause

29 May 2013

The lovely people at BusinessBecause ~ I tell all of my students to contact them for a helpful discussion of applications and all things MBA-related ~ are hosting drinks at the White Horse on Rupert St in Soho on Wednesday 5 June. Do come if you can and schmooze with some nice people, including me, […]

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Hult webinars on youtube

29 May 2013

You can now access some of my previous Hult webinars online: 2015 Hult webinars 2015 2014 Number Properties Algebra Data Sufficiency Verbal 2013 Quantitative Part 1 Quantitative Part 2 Verbal Reasoning Part 1 Verbal Reasoning Part 2 Crash Course Part Two [there was unfortunately a technical error with Crash Course Part One – but Part […]

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Hult webinars

22 May 2013

Those of you who are starting to think about the GMAT and would like to begin at the beginning may be interested in following a series of webinars I’ve done with Hult. You can find them here: Hult webinars There are 3 from 2015: Quant, Verbal and Top Tips. There are then 11 from 2013, […]

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The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide Part One ~ on sale now!!!

17 April 2013

Have you bought the Official Guide? Do you find you can do some of the Quant questions, but you don’t always understand or like the explanations? Then The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide Part One is for you. Before you rush to pay hundreds of pounds, dollars or whatever to a tutor or a test prep […]

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What’s up with the GMAT?

22 February 2013

I’ve been wondering for a while now what’s going on with the GMAT. I’ve been wondering because several students have done significantly worse on the real thing than on the practice software, which I always thought was a reasonable predictor. Not just 20 or 30 points worse, which is entirely normal, but 5o, 60, 80 […]

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Quant: Number Drills

12 September 2012

Number Properties is the most important topic on the Quant section because it underlies all of the other sections. Most Problem Solving questions include at the very least some multiplication or division, so the more familiar you can become with numbers, the better. The numbers to get to grips with are the numbers up to […]

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Strategy: How to make your preparation time effective

30 August 2012

If there’s one mistake that many GMAT students make when preparing, it is to imagine that spending more time working, or doing more questions, will inevitably lead to improvement. GMAT preparation is all about quality, not quantity. As a secondary school teacher, I often wrote a Learning Objective on the board at the beginning of […]

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