The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide Part One ~ on sale now!!!

by Chuck on Wednesday, 17 April, 2013

Have you bought the Official Guide? Do you find you can do some of the Quant questions, but you don’t always understand or like the explanations? Then The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide Part One is for you. Before you rush to pay hundreds of pounds, dollars or whatever to a tutor or a test prep agency, grab your iPad, open ibooks and read a sample of my first book (yes, I’m a proud father).

UGQG is an attempt to give you everything you need to prepare to answer the easier Problem Solving questions, from the underlying theory, with examples, through the questions themselves, with full explanations, to a thorough review of relevant rules & formulae, applicable strategies and useful revision exercises. (There’s also a Glossary; I got a little bored writing it so there are a few non-GMAT-related definitions…)

I’ve tried to include whatever my students have found helpful from our classes; those who have been guinea pigs have all given positive feedback, and my sixth form students at City & Islington were able to work through the whole book during our weekly classes this year. So don’t delay; buy The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide Part One from the ibooks store now and save yourself a lot of time and money. Parts Two and Three coming soon ~ samples available on request if you’ve got Part One. iPad not included.

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