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by Chuck on Wednesday, 22 May, 2013

Those of you who are starting to think about the GMAT and would like to begin at the beginning may be interested in following a series of webinars I’ve done with Hult. You can find them here:

Hult webinars

There are 3 from 2015: Quant, Verbal and Top Tips.

There are then 11 from 2013, roughly structured as below:

An Introduction to the GMAT ~ 26 March 2013

Easy Quant questions ~ 16 April

Easy Verbal questions ~ 23 April

More Quant questions  ~ 8 May

Data Sufficiency questions ~ 16 May

More Verbal questions ~ 23 May

Verbal, depending on student feedback ~ 29 May

Do’s and Don’t’s of GMAT preparation ~ 13 June

The 10 stages of applying to business school ~ 27 June

What to do at each level of GMAT preparation ~ 4 July

Top 10 tips for GMAT, business school and life ~ 11 July

What I generally do is look at some of the questions on the old edition of the free GMAT prep software, talking you through the different strategies and explaining how to read each question and find the correct answer as quickly as possible. I also respond to questions which can be submitted during the webinar.

These webinars are offered free of charge by Hult International Business School. For more information about Hult, contact

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