March 2015

Words and numbers

28 March 2015

The Two Levels of GMAT Quant Questions In GMAT, as in life, you won’t get very far with only one skill. You can be a creative, who has brilliant ideas, but if you can’t bring those ideas to fruition, you won’t get very far. You can be a footsoldier, who’s great at implementation but needs […]

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A waste of time and money

10 March 2015

I once had a student who’d been using another tutor. She said she’d spend tuition sessions watching him working out the answer to various questions. Sometimes she could barely see what he was doing because his arm was in the way. Most of the time she couldn’t keep up. And she was paying £80/hour for […]

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The Importance of Position

4 March 2015

Poker and the GMAT I like to connect disparate topics. The other day I was reading about the importance of position in poker. For those of you not familiar with the game, a number of players take it in turn to bet on the cards that they have in their hands and the combination those […]

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