The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide

by Chuck on Thursday, 15 September, 2011

When I started GMAT teaching, I quickly realised that most future MBA students buy the Official Guide but then look for assistance. They do so because the explanations in the OG are not always particularly helpful and the Maths Review is all too brief. So I started writing better explanations, along with tips on things to revise and strategies to use.

When I finished the explanations, it struck me that rather than presenting them in order, I could organise them by topic, from easy to difficult. That way, I could add a narrative and build my own Maths Review around the OG questions. If you know all the Maths required for the 452 Quant questions in the OG, and can answer those questions quickly and accurately, you’ll do just fine. In fact I’d be surprised if you didn’t get at least 700 and quite possibly 750.

And so The Ultimate GMAT Quant Guide was born. It will be on the market soon. You’ll also get a free copy if you register for a Quant workshop (which I’ll be teaching) through MBA Center in London, starting soon I hope. Watch this space.

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