As of April 2019, I’m still tutoring in London but am due to move to Canada in June. So I can do classes until then. But I’m also moving into providing GMAT preparation packages and resources for those who prefer supported self-study.

You can get in touch with me at Before you do so, feel free to check out my privacy notice, and PLEASE GIVE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS BELOW!

(Apologies for the capitals to those of you who read diligently, but I do get a lot of enquiries with minimal information, so your answers will save us both time. Thanks!)

When emailing, it would be great if you could answer the following questions as far as you’re able to:

1. What is your current level? If you don’t know, what are your strengths and weaknesses? What preparation have you done so far?

2. What score do you need/would you like? What school(s) are you aiming for/considering?

3. What is your timeline? Do you have a test date booked? If not, when are you hoping to take the test, and how much time would you have to retake if you don’t get the score you want?

4. Where are you based (home/work) and when are you generally available?

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CAUTION: There are many books and resources that make inflated promises, and agencies and tutors that charge a lot of money and deliver little. Please please try before you buy or ask me for impartial advice.

There are free blog posts and webinars on my website that you may find useful. But be very careful about committing your time and money.

Privacy notice

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Retention of your personal information

I will normally retain your personal information for a period of approximately one year, on the grounds that for that length of time you remain a legitimate business interest. If however I have reason to believe that there is a social interest to us both in my retaining your personal information indefinitely, for example if we have met at an event at which I did not tutor you, I will do so.

Erasure of, and access to, your information

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