One more year…

by Chuck on Friday, 29 September, 2017

It’s September of 2017 and I’m still in London and tutoring (despite the lack of recent posts in the Archives), but I can only promise to offer my services until the summer of 2018 when I will be moving to Montréal. I am however keen to put aside a few quid to ease the transition, […]

Words and numbers

28 March 2015

The Two Levels of GMAT Quant Questions In GMAT, as in life, you won’t get very far with only one skill. You can be a creative, who has brilliant ideas, but if you can’t bring those ideas to fruition, you won’t get very far. You can be a footsoldier, who’s great at implementation but needs […]

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A waste of time and money

10 March 2015

I once had a student who’d been using another tutor. She said she’d spend tuition sessions watching him working out the answer to various questions. Sometimes she could barely see what he was doing because his arm was in the way. Most of the time she couldn’t keep up. And she was paying £80/hour for […]

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The Importance of Position

4 March 2015

Poker and the GMAT I like to connect disparate topics. The other day I was reading about the importance of position in poker. For those of you not familiar with the game, a number of players take it in turn to bet on the cards that they have in their hands and the combination those […]

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An Introduction to the GMAT

15 September 2014

The PowerPoint below was originally part of a webinar for Hult Business School. Unfortunately the webinar didn’t record properly, but the text should still prove useful in giving you some idea of what the GMAT involves. If anything isn’t clear, let me know: An Introduction to the GMAT

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What you need to do: 10 steps to GMAT awesomeness

15 September 2014

1. Introduction in which you become familiar with the format of the test * First, read the beginning of the Official Guide and the introductory pages to each of the five main sections. Second, read the PowerPoint here: An Introduction to the GMAT. Third, download the official practice software. *       *   […]

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Something on the Brain

21 March 2014

My students are awesome (no I’m not taking the credit). One of them has set up an epilepsy awareness charity called Something on the Brain. I’m very happy to link to it here so that a) you can learn more about epilepsy, especially if you or anyone you know is affected and b) the website […]

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Gove Out!

11 March 2014

*If you’re only interested in GMAT tuition, please scroll down to the next post. I wouldn’t normally put a non-GMAT post here but this one is too important* You may have run into me in town in which case I probably gave you my card. Or you may simply have found my site through your […]

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Upcoming webinars

28 February 2014

I’ll be doing two more webinars this spring through Hult International Business School: Data Sufficiency on Wednesday 12 March from 12.30-1.30 Verbal on Wednesday 26 March from 12.30-1.30

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Drinks in Soho with BusinessBecause

29 May 2013

The lovely people at BusinessBecause ~ I tell all of my students to contact them for a helpful discussion of applications and all things MBA-related ~ are hosting drinks at the White Horse on Rupert St in Soho on Wednesday 5 June. Do come if you can and schmooze with some nice people, including me, […]

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