About me

Although it’s not a compelling reason for you to come to me for tuition, I’ve done the GMAT and scored 780, which puts me in the 98th percentile for Quantitative Reasoning and the 99th percentile for Verbal Reasoning. I’ve listed some of my other qualifications below. The GMAT happens to be something I can do well, but there are many skills and strategies I can teach you to help you achieve your desired score.

I am available for tuition at your convenience. I’m more or less a full-time GMAT teacher; I also do some writing and offer some free and reduced-rate tuition to secondary school students, and my GMAT teaching funds that. I also blog here (because it’s good writing practice and because it helps with SEO), giving examples of the types of questions you can expect to see, along with different approaches to tackling them.

My ideals are to help you ~
1. Acquire the tools to prepare efficiently and effectively for the GMAT, and
2. Explore a range of strategies so that you can decide on the approaches that suit you, while remaining reasonably flexible

My Qualifications

  • Experienced private tutor: GMAT, English, Maths, French, Latin
  • Qualified teacher / fully DBS (formerly CRB) checked
  • First Class degree from Oxford University
  • English and Maths A level Grade A
  • Excellent references

I taught both English and Maths in a north London secondary school, and as a Special Needs teacher I often had to explain the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy to those to whom they do not come easily. The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections can appear intimidating, but if you are properly prepared you need have no fear. No one expects you to get full marks, and over the course of four hours you are bound to make mistakes, but with the right approaches and strategies you can be confident of having a good go at every single question and getting most of them right.

I have recently become the Chair of Governors of Tyssen Community Primary School in Hackney and would highly recommend that you consider being a school governor if you’re interested in education and would like to make a positive contribution to your community.

My favourite testimonials

“Thanks so much for your thoughtful note. I found your advice, particularly about focusing purely on the OG  and trying to articulate my answers in slide-form to be right on the money. With only a couple of weeks’ studying I turned my 62nd percentile Quant score to an 81st percentile and 730 score overall.

Thanks again for being such a stand-up guy – if any of my personal or professional colleagues are taking this awful exam in the future I’ll be sending them your way” ~ Farhaz (January 2014)

“With Chuck’s help in a couple of months I managed to increase my Quant score from 8% to 28% and this was instrumental in me achieving the score I needed for a very generous financial scholarship so my investment in tuition certainly paid off (by a factor of ten). Chuck was a patient tutor and although I will never be Einstein, Quant no longer scares or bores me!” ~ Hugh (August 2013)

“I want to congratulate you on your chapters!! 🙂 I have been through the theory for number properties and statistics, which I have found very straightforward due to the fact that you have made them so intelligible! Very good job!!” ~ Gemma (November 2012)

“You’re so much better than the other tutor [who charged £80/hour]… but he wasn’t a teacher” ~ Louisa, up from 490 to 530 after two sessions (July 2012)

“And the award for best GMAT tutor goes to. . .
Legend, thanks.
As a total aside, if you ever need a reference from me – as people do need from people from time to time – never hesitate to ask.” ~ Owen (June 2012)

“I got a 680!! which is a 140-point increase from my last score. It automatically satisfies the requirement for LBS. Thanks again for all of your help.” ~ Jim (May 2012)

“Thank you so, so much for your help. I really enjoyed our tutoring sessions and it helped me a huge amount” ~ Julie, who improved from 660 to 720 with five sessions

“I really appreciate both your teaching and your wisdom” ~ Jannine, who improved from 600 to 650 after a free trial and 3 sessions and was accepted at Harvard

And the rest… (I’m not very good at updating this bit)

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks once again for your help with my GMAT tutoring. I took it last week and got 680 with 7 on IR. I actually found it really tough on the day so was delighted with that score and hopefully it is good enough for LBS. I found your advice on how to restructure my final prep invaluable and it was good to see some of the techniques we worked on come up.” ~ Blair (May 2016), who improved from a maximum of 630 (on four Manhattan CATs) with one session

“I was referred to you by someone (I bought GMAT books from her on eBay) ~ she told me how brilliant you were” ~ Pragya (August 2013)

Majid improved from below 600 to 670 in two months (July 2013)

“I got a 680: 39 Verbal, 43 Quant. Got a Cass interview coming up…” ~ Ritu (May 2013)

Gerrard received a 700 and was accepted into the Masters in Management Programs at Cambridge and at London Business School (May 2013)

“I got 670 total (96th percentile in verbal). My applications went great, I got into the MSc Luxury Management and Marketing at EMLYON, France” ~ Lily (May 2013)

“Just to let u know I scored 620 at the GMAT!! Thank u very much for your help!” ~ Maud (May 2013)

“710 thanks for the help!” ~ Harry (May 2013)

“I got 660 on my test today, so overall I am very pleased… Thanks again for your help!” ~ Emma (May 2013)

“I got into Pepperdine and will move to LA in 2014, so all good :-)” ~ Tim (April 2013)

“I have great news! I got admitted to Insead! It took me 3 retakes of the GMAT and a score of 650:((( but I got in 🙂  thank you so much for your support and help!” ~ Yana (April 2013)

“Thank you for everything, Chuck. You’ve been great!” ~ Namsi (November 2012)

“I didn’t do as bad… I got 630… Thanks a lot for your help” ~ Hussein (November 2012)

Anita went from 640 to 740 with two sessions (November 2012)

“Thank you for your help, you were a great and patient teacher with someone who has next to none math skills!” ~ Amy (November 2012)

“I’ve already recommended you to two people” ~ Nick, currently at IE (October 2012)

Christos scored 740 and has been accepted at Stanford

“Thanks for the lesson today, very helpful and it’s shaping up the rest of my day nicely” ~ Priyanka (September 2012)

“Hi Chuck, good news – I got into my business school of choice!” ~ Aisling (June 2012), who went from 440 to 570 after six classes

Kate improved 50 points after a free trial and two sessions

“700! Thanks a million!” ~ Andy, who has completed an MBA at Cass

Phil improved from 600 to 680 with three two-hour sessions

Khalid improved from 470 to 530 with three two-hour sessions

“Your teaching was spot on. I will definitely recommend you” ~ Adrian, accepted at LBS

“I could never have done it without you” ~ Georgia, who has completed a Masters at the University of Gothenburg